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KSL TV News Internship - UT

Quick Facts
Company Name:KSL Broadcast Group
Employment Type:Unpaid Internship
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    The following schedules are available:

    M,W 9am-6pm,
    T,TH 9am-6pm, or
    F,Sat 9am-6pm

    KSL is pleased to announce the availability of an internship in the News Department. We are looking for students who are interested in a NON-PAID learning opportunity, where they can extend their television broadcasting education beyond the classroom.

    PURPOSE: This KSL News internship is designed to provide students with a strong interest in broadcast journalism an opportunity to gain an insight into the operation of professional TV news production.

Position Requirements:


    • Needs to be registered at a university, college, community college or vocational-technical institute on a full-time basis. Priority will be given to students of junior/senior status, or in the last year of a community college or vocational-technical program.
    • Prefer someone working toward a career in broadcast journalism. Applicant needs to be in good academic standing and possess knowledge of current events.
    • Needs to be organized, able to meet deadlines and be a self-starter. Proven ability to be precise and accurate.
    • Good writing, production and conversational skills to transmit information clearly and efficiently.
    • The internship will cover a quarter/semester period of approximately sixteen (16) hours per week, with a schedule to be arranged by the intern, the intern coordinator and the intern's academic advisor.
    • Work in compliance with Company policies and procedures.
    • Work effectively in a team environment.
    • Maintain a positive and cooperative rapport with staff, management, and clients.
    • Proven ability to handle stress.
    • Project an appropriate professional appearance and demeanor.
    • Final discretion as to assignments while participating in the internship program will remain with KSL.
    • Persons participating in the KSL-TV News internship need to understand that no guarantees are given for future employment. KSL may terminate internship at any time.
    • Final selection of a KSL intern from among those expressing interest rests with KSL.
    • Must sign and abide by the Internship Agreement. University or college must also sign and abide by the agreement.

    • Substantial physical movements (motions) of the wrists, hands, and/or fingers.
    • Receive, process, and maintain information through oral and/or written communication effectively.
    • Ability to extend hand(s) and arm(s) in any direction with good eye and hand coordination.
    • Lift, move, and carry up to 20 pounds on occasion.

    • A completed internship application form.
    • Please specify the semester you are intersted in interning.
    • A current academic transcript.
    • A letter from the applicant's university or college verifying arrangement of credit for the internship.

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